International Sponsor Council Sus10ability Platform Focuses on Athlete Health

The International Sponsor Council, world trade association for corporate sponsors, is focusing on athlete health as part of its Sus10ability platform.

ATLANTA - Athlete health important focus for the International Sponsor Council (ISC), the world trade association representing corporate sponsors

"The ISC and its members who are leading sponsors are committed to sustainability," stated Terry Cecil, ISC CEO and Chief Sustainaility Engineer. "There has been a shift of responsibility from just shareholders to now stakeholders for corporations. The social leg of sustainability includes a commitment to health, wellness and safety among other values and athletes are a critical stakeholder for sponsors."

Cecil added, "One particularly important aspect of this focus is brain health and the ISC is developing programs with key partners to address this issue which is vital for sponsors to participate in sponsorship opportunities. Sports needs more research on athlete health as well as industry collaboration on potential rule and equipment changes in order to provide a safer environment for athletes especially our youth. The ISC continues to work to raise the efficiency of the industry."

ISC Sustainability Committee to Help Lead Integration of Sustainability with Sponsorship

ISC Sustainability Committee to Help Lead Integration of Sustainability with Sponsorship

As the world trade associaation for corporate sponsors, the International Sponsor Council is very focused on sustainability. Many of the world's leading corporations are dedicated to sustainability and feel it is crucial to their corporate values. The ISC Sustainabiity Committee will consist of leading corporate sustainability executives and work to promote and protect corporate sustainability by integrating it into sponsorsips.

?We have seen many instances where sponsorship has had conflicts with the corporate sustainability values," stated Terry Cecil, ISC?s CEO and Chief Sustainability Engineer. The ISC is leading the integration of sustainability with sponsorship to raise the efficiency of sponsorship as well as avoid brand reputational risks. This is a very critical issue for sponsors and one that can?t be ignored. This ISC focus on sustainability and this committee will provide tremendous value to corporate sustainability executives, the industry and the world.?

Cecil added, "We need to educate the sponsorship industry and fans on the impotance of sustainability. Internally we need concise agreement to that definition. Sustainability is a formula and too often we are seeing positioning that ignores the economic and social legs. The environmental leg is key and a great opportunity for sponsorship activation, it just doesn't work alone. As an example, many major issues for the sports industry affecting sponsors involve the social leg. The ISC is focusing on these issues. A few examples include Athlete Doping, CTE, FIFA reform, security and safety.

"Brand reputations are at severe risk if sponsorship isn't aligned with sustainability commitments. In the case of CTE, it's real. This committee is incredibly important for the future of the industry if it wnats to continue to work with sponsors."

ISC's Sus10ability Platform to Assess Event Hosting

ISC's Sus10ability to Assess Event Hosting

"Corporations are world leaders in sustainability, but there is a critical need to align sponsorship with corporate sustainability commitments," said Terry Cecil, ISC CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer."The ISC will focus on the sustainability commitments of events including the resources these events require, the legacy created by the events and impact on hosting communities. In particular, some of the major sports events around the world are facing hestitancy from cities and countries in regard to hosting.?

Cecil added, "There is a great need for the ISC representing the collective interests of sponsors to ensure sustainability levels are represented and delivered."

The ISC will be announcing a partnership with a leading organization on assessment programming.

ISC Admirari Awards Launching

The ISC Admirari Awards are the sponsorship industry's only awards judged exclusively by sponsors. The Admirari Awards are produced by the International Sponsor Council, trade association for sponsors.

Included in the 34 Award categories are excellence in sponsorship campaigns in sports, entertainment as well as sustainability, science, education and use of digital and augmented, mixed and virtual reality.

'The Admirari Awards reinforce the importance of sponsors to the industry," stated Terry Cecil, ISC CEO. Details of the event will be released next month.

FIFA and Visa extend relationship until 2022

FIFA and Visa, the leading global electronic payments company, today announced the extension of their relationship until 2022. As a top-level FIFA Partner, this extension secures Visa?s global marketing rights and product category exclusivity for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar and more than 40 FIFA events scheduled throughout the time period, including the FIFA Women's World Cup and the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Visa initially signed up as a FIFA Partner in 2007 and activated its first global sponsorship rights at the 2010 FIFA World Cup? in South Africa. Those rights allow Visa to build its business and extend value and benefits to various stakeholders around the globe through marketing programmes that drive brand preference and product usage.

"We're delighted to have reached this agreement with our valued partner, Visa," said FIFA President Blatter. "Visa's huge global network and engaging consumer programmes play a significant role in bringing the FIFA World Cup to all corners of the globe, and we?re delighted to have such a strong global brand by our side until at least 2022.?

Through this relationship, Visa can expand its impact with financial institutions, clients, account holders and fans. Visa also works to strengthen FIFA host markets and other communities by providing more access and education to electronic payments, creating more pathways for people to enter the formal financial system and improving financial literacy.

?With football?s unique power to inspire people everywhere, Visa couldn?t be more excited to extend its relationship with FIFA," said Ricardo Fort, SVP Global Sponsorship Marketing at Visa Inc. ?Our association with the FIFA World Cup and the entire portfolio of FIFA events differentiates our brand and allows us to offer unique opportunities to our clients around the world."

Visa is the fifth of FIFA's Commercial Affiliates to have committed to both the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups", following adidas, Coca-Cola, Hyundai-Kia and Anheuser-Busch InBev.

International Sponsor Council Partners With RIMI Corporate Services, Inc. to Provide Security Services and Consulting to the Sports and Entertainment Industry

Trade organization for corporate sponsors focuses on security for industry sustainability

ATLANTA, Jan. 13 - The International Sponsor Council (ISC), the world trade association representing corporate sponsors, has partnered with RIMI Corporate Services, Inc. (RIMI), a recognized global Security and Safety Services company to provide the sports and entertainment industry security protection and risk mitigation consulting. The ISC is supporting the leadership of sponsors in sustainability by launching security and safety initiatives as part of the ISC Sus10ability? program.

"Security and safety is perhaps the world?s most critical issue facing the sports and entertainment industry," said Terry Cecil, ISC President and Chief Sustainability Officer. "While the industry has excellent security resources currently in hand, we wanted to make a significant impact by working with and providing access to RIMI, which is one of the world?s best-trained security providers and consultants. They take security to a higher level. RIMI?s executives are founding members of SEAL Team SIX and RED CELL, as well as SEAL Team Four and other operators from key international Special Forces. They provide unequalled service in overarching Security and Safety Services with a focus on personal protection and risk mitigation. RIMI?s cerebral approach to avoiding risk is equal to their ability in handling unavoidable incidents with hard assets if they do arise. For sponsors, RIMI?s work with Fortune 500 corporations provides a much needed understanding of corporate culture and brand reputation protection. RIMI?s large event experience which includes leading security for the FIFA Women?s World Cup, the Super Bowl and the Democratic Convention is crucial.?

Cecil added, 'Incidents can put lives at risk which is everyone?s main concern. If we don't raise the bar, it also threatens the sustainability of the industry. This focus for the ISC is unique from other security engagements. We look at this issue through the lens of sponsors? needs and objectives. Sponsors have very high standards regarding security and we must ensure that sponsorship programming meets that level of commitment. The ISC?s partnership with RIMI reflects those high standards.?

Bill Bonde, President of RIMI said, "We are excited to be working with ISC and its members. We look forward to applying our institutional knowledge to provide the best possible advice and service to the sports and entrainment industry in securing their most valued assets. Our partnership with ISC ensures that industry leaders have a direct conduit so they can understand, prepare for and mitigate risks for any endeavor or event associated with their brand."

The ISC is working with RIMI to provide services including personal security for executives and athletes, event risk mitigation and security logistics consulting.

In support of its security focus, the ISC will be holding SponsorCamps for sponsor, industry and security executives to collaborate on issues and solutions.

About the International Sponsor Council

The International Sponsor Council (ISC) is the world trade association for corporate sponsors. The mission of the ISC is to promote sponsor value and protect their collective interests in order to maximize the effectiveness of sponsorship. The ISC provides knowledge sharing, advocacy and networking for sponsors and executives involved in sponsorship. For more information on the ISC, please visit

About RIMI Corporate Services, Inc.

RIMI Corporate Services, Inc. is a global single-source provider of comprehensive and unique security and safety services including risk assessments and mitigation, executive protection, logistics, training and global response and recovery. The firm is comprised of highly trained professionals with a proven record of performance, providing unmatched protection capabilities, experience and skills. Their clients include top investment firms, Fortune 100 families and various international corporations.

FIFA secures broadcast power supply for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil with Aggreko

FIFA is pleased to confirm the appointment of Aggreko as a Branded Licensee for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. As part of this agreement Aggreko will provide temporary broadcast power solutions for the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) and the stadiums in all twelve Host Cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup?. This will safeguard the match coverage from all venues of football?s flagship event for fans across the world.

The agreement will save about USD 20 million in running costs for Brazil's 12 Host Cities, including up to USD 5 million for the IBC in Rio de Janeiro. The transmission of the 64 matches brings to billions of viewers a taste of Brazil and the host cities, as all licensed broadcasters worldwide show a 30 second clip as well as several features showcasing the main attractions of each of the host cities - a unique chance for international promotion.

"To ensure that the images from the twelve stadiums are transmitted to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, it is essential that we have reliable and consistent broadcast power provided by temporary infrastructure. As such I am delighted that Aggreko as a world leader in temporary power has joined the operational line-up, especially as the company was already successfully involved in the 2010 FIFA World Cup," explained Niclas Ericson, FIFA TV Director. "The deal is of huge importance as it not only ensures the successful delivery of the TV images but will also result in a significant reduction in operational investments for all 12 Host Cities."

FIFA is investing considerably in the TV and broadcast production of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, with the full production operation falling under FIFA?s remit. As a reference, the rough net cost of the FIFA TV production for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa amounted to USD 150 million.

Croatian player sanctioned by FIFA for discriminatory behaviour

Croatian international Josip Simunic suspended for ten official matches, banned from entering the confines of the stadiums for those ten matches and fined CHF 30,000.

?Sponsors have very high standards and this behavior can not be tolerated,? said Terry Cecil, President & CEO of the International Sponsor Council, trade association for corporate sponsors. ?Corporations are leaders in sustainability and this is a prime protection example of the social leg of sustainability. We must work together to eradicate this discrimination?.

Today, 16 December 2013, the Croatian Football Federation and Josip Simunic have been notified of the sanctions imposed by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee against the player at its meeting held on 12 December 2013.

Following the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil? European play-off match between Croatia and Iceland played in Zagreb, Croatia on 19 November 2013, FIFA was made aware that the player, after the final whistle, displayed discriminatory behaviour in interaction with the Croatian supporters. Following the opening of disciplinary proceedings on 22 November 2013, the Disciplinary Committee analysed all documentation at its disposal.

The committee took note that the player, together with the crowd, shouted a Croatian salute that was used during World War II by the fascist ?Usta?e? movement. As a consequence, the committee agreed that this salute was discriminatory and offended the dignity of a group of persons concerning,inter alia, race, religion or origin, in a clear breach of article 58 par. 1a) of the FIFA Disciplinary Code.

After taking into account all of the circumstances of the case, and particularly given the gravity of the incident, the committee decided to suspend the player for ten official matches.

The first matches of the ten-match suspension have to be served during the final competition of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil?.

Depending on the stage at which the final match of the representative team of Croatia takes place in the scope of the final competition of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil?, the remaining matches of the ten-match suspension will be carried over to the representative team?s subsequent official matches.

Moreover, the committee decided that the player will be banned from entering the confines of the stadiums with regard to the ten matches for which he is suspended.

Finally, the committee decided to impose a fine of CHF 30,000 on the player.

FIFA is committed to fighting all forms of discrimination in football and works closely with its member associations around the world to educate and inspire a message of equality and respect. The creation of the FIFA Task Force Against Racism and Discrimination by FIFA President Blatter in early March 2013 was a key step in the ongoing fight against discrimination.

The resolution on the fight against racism and discrimination, which was approved at the FIFA Congress in May 2013, advocates the need for strict punishments to send out a strong message that discrimination has no place in the game.